LUOFUCON™ Post-Operative Dressing
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  • 产品名称: LUOFUCON™ Post-Operative Dressing
  • 产品编号: LUOFUCON™ Post-Operative Dressin

LUOFUCON Post-Operative Dressing



LUOFUCON™ Post-Operative Dressing is a soft, highly flexible and absorbent dressing. It is widely used to absorb and lock the blood and surgical exudates from surgical wounds, lacerations and cuts. It’s composed of a gentle silicone wound contact layer, non-woven wicking layer, a highly absorbent pad and a vapor permeable and waterproof film. The silicone wound contact layer is hypoallergenic and doesn’t stick to the wound. It’s very easy in application and cause no pain for dressing changes.




Special crescent perforated pattern

With high adaptability, the special design of crescent perforated pattern in the super absorbent pad creates dynamic flexibility as well as ensuring the dressing integrality during use. Horizontal and vertical absorption are also beneficial from this open-up structure.



●Leg ulcer

●Pressure ulcer

●Non-infected diabetic foot ulcer

●Dehisced surgical wounds

●Donor sites




●Excellent exudate management for Post-Operative wounds;

●Highly flexible and comfortable for joints;

●No second trauma for dressing changes;

●No sticking to the wounds or sutures;

●Easy for doctors to do wound inspection with one simple move.


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