Dental Hemostatic Gauze
  • 产品名称: Dental Hemostatic Gauze
  • 产品编号: B-002

SUNTOUCH Dental Hemostatic Gauze



SUNTOUCH™ Dental Dressing is a white or light yellow sterile fabric prepared by the chemical treatment of regenerated cellulose. It is an effective and innovative soluble hemostatic dressing widely used in oral lesions and oral surgical procedures.


Action mechanism

When SUNTOUCH™ Dental Dressing comes in contact with the bleeding site, it can quickly absorb water contents of exudates to form gelatinous mass, which fill wound voids, seal capillary ends, and thereby help stop bleeding.



Treatment of oral lesions

Exodontias and oral surgical procedures

Mitigating dry socket.



Description Specification Packing
Dental Hemostatic Gauze 11 x 11 mm 20pcs/box, 200boxes/carton
Dental Hemostatic Gauze 19 x 19 mm 20pcs/box, 200boxes/carton

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