Military Gauze
  • 产品名称: Military Gauze
  • 产品编号: B-005

SUNTOUCH™ Military Gauze



SUNTOUCH™ Military Gauze is another form of soluble hemostatic gauze. Fold the long gauze into roll with multiple layers. It can stop massive bleeding quickly and efficiently.


Key Features

Stop bleeding fast and effectively

Controls blood loss

Unique weave structure, soft and comfortable

7.0 pH, no “Burn Sensation”

Do not cause second trauma,Easy to remove

Can stay on the wounds for 48H

Z-folded or Roll

Dimension: 375 x 75 mm


Instruction For Use

 Open package (Keep the gloves dry)
 Pack SUNTOUCH® into wound or injury
 (More than one piece SUNTOUCH® may be required)
 Apply firm pressure for 3 minutes, or until bleeding stops.
 Wrap and tie bandage to maintain pressure

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