PVA Eye Spears
  • 产品名称: PVA Eye Spears
  • 产品编号: B-006




Suntouch™ PVA Eye Spear is made from absorbent, soft and highly retentive polyvinyl alcohol sponge, which is designed to absorb fluids and remove debris from the operative field or instruments during ophthalmic surgery, including LASIK and refractive surgery.



More than 5 times fluid absorbency;

Faster wicking and high fluid retention;

High tensile strength without breaking apart;

Gentle manipulation of delicate tissues;

No irritation, latex & lint free.



Suitable use in ophthamic surgery;

Have good performance in preoperative, intraoperative and post-operative actions;

Frequent use in various specialist fields to absorb blood and secretion intraoperatively.

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