Silicone Gel Sheet
  • 产品名称: Silicone Gel Sheet
  • 产品编号: A-01

LUNFUCON Silicone Gel Sheet



LUOFUCON™ Silicone Gel Sheet is a kind of transparent, soft and elastic sheet dressing. It is mainly made up of medical grade silicone, and effective in preventing the formation of new scars and reducing the appearance of existing scars.



Various in shapes, sizes and backing colors;

Durable, comfortable and re-usable;

Crystal clear of 100% silicone gel sheeting;

Provides elastic protection to the skin for optimal scar   healing;

No irritation, no maceration, latex free.



Use on hypertrophic and keloid scars after:

Cesarean and hysterectomy treatment sites;

Lejour breast augmentation.

Thickness : 0.3mm / 0.5mm / 1.2mm



Description Specification Packing
Silicone gel dressing 75 x 45 mm 10pcs/box, 60boxes/carton
Silicone gel dressing 120 x 60 mm 10pcs/box, 60boxes/carton
Silicone gel dressing 120 x 80 mm 10pcs/box, 60boxes/carton
Silicone gel dressing 350 x 250 mm 10pcs/box, 40boxes/carton
Silicone gel dressing (Oval) 74 x 44 mm 10pcs/box, 60boxes/carton
Nipple Cover Shape Ф76mm 10pcs/box, 60boxes/carton
Areola Ф76mm 10pcs/box, 60boxes/carton
Mastopexy Shape 170 x 76 mm 10pcs/box, 60boxes/carton
Anchor Shape 250 x 100 mm 10pcs/box, 40boxes/carton
Cesarean strip 150 x 30 mm 10pcs/box, 60boxes/carton

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