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  • 产品名称: LUOFUCON™ Silicone tape
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LUOFUCON Silicone tape



LUOFUCON™ Silicone tape is made from 100% soft silicone which is easy application, easy removal and highly comfortable for patients.  It’s friendly to sensitive and fragile skin, such as the skin of the child and the elderly, and won’t case damage or pain during dressing changes. It has good adhesive force, and repeated adhesion, which is convenient for nursing staff to see wound healing condition.



●Soft and comfortable, Suitable for the ergonomic;

●Easy to apply and remove;

●Free to cut;

●Can be repeatedly used. Cost-effective;

●Friendly to sensitive and fragile skin, non-irritating;

●Minimizes pain and trauma during dressing changes, soothe the patient’s tension;

●Can be used together with other dressings.





Fix dressings

Securing all kinds of drains, tubes, probes, electrodes, IV Cannulas.

Protect the skin under medical devices.



In warm weather or during period of physical activity where sweating may occur, the adhesion of the product may decrease;

In order to reduce the symptoms of discomfort and minor pruritus, recommend clean the area before use;

Avoid ointments on the treated area as they may interfere with the performance of the product;

After use, keep the unused portion in the original package and store it in a dry place.



Avoid usage if ever allergic to silicone rubber;

Do not use on open wounds.

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