Silicone Ag Foam Dressing
  • 产品名称: Silicone Ag Foam Dressing
  • 产品编号: A-0021

Silicone Ag Foam Dressing


Product Description

Combined all the benefits and advantages of Silver Foam Dressing and Silicone Foam Dressing, LUOFUCON™ Silicone Ag Foam Dressing has excellent performance in exudate management and antibacterial effect. Its soft material and strong adaptability provides optimal moist wound environment to accelerate wound healing. The silver foam core not only absorbs exudate, but also releases silver ions for up to 99.99% antibacterial effect of a wide range of bacteria, while the perforated silicone wound contact layer, which is created by our self-developed silicone oil and perforation technology, minimizes trauma and reduces pain during dressing changes.



LUOFUCON™ Silicone AG Foam Dressing is used for wounds where infection is already established or at high risk of infection or re-infection. The silver within the porous foam structure acts on bacteria absorbed into the dressing with wound exudate, and affect multiple sites within bacterial cells, ultimately causing bacterial cell death. The high absorbency PU foam is preferable for wounds with high level of exudates, to prevent the formation of pools of exudate where bacteria might flourish beneath the dressing. And the silicone wound contact layer is ideal for irregular wound bed, which ensure that the dressing can be changed without pain.


OptiSil Technology

Self-developed silicone oil and perforation technology not only provides gentle care on the wound skin, but also enables exudate to run into the dressing amazingly quickly.










Protective Backing


Smooth and conformability

Water proof & bacteria barrier


Super Absorbent Core

Super Absorbent Polymer/Fiber

Exceptional absorption capability

Helps minimize maceration risk


Nonwoven Layer

Spread fluids to a wide surface

Enhence absorption performance


Antibacterial Silver PU Foam

Up to 99.99% effect for a wide variety of bacteria

Great fluid handling capacity

Offers additional comfort and cushioning protection


OptiSil Silicone Wound Contact Layer

Self-developed silicone oil and perforation technology

Distributes wound exudate fast and evenly

Gentle and secure with pain free removal

Without Stripping of epidermal Cells



Sustained release of silver ions in the dressing for up to 7 days

Reduces wound healing time with antibacterial effect

Reduces bacterial colonization in the dressing

Provides excellent exudate management and creates an optimal moist healing environment.

Prevents exudate from leaking and minimizes maceration

Provides gentle care for fragile skin and pain-free removal

Comfortable, conformable and great cost effectiveness.



Leg & foot ulcer

Pressure ulcer

Traumatic & surgical wounds

Superficial & partial thickness burn

Infected chronic wounds



Various types meet different requirements

Bordered and non-border are not enough for the changing market. Various types of Silicone Ag Foam Dressing with OptiSil are available, including different shapes, different dressing thickness.





Tips for using Silver Dressing

Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the patient, wound and environment before deciding whether a silver dressing is appropriate
Document the rationale for using a silver dressing in the patient's healthcare records

Choose the silver dressing on the basis of patient and wound needs, ie exudate level, wound depth, need for conformability, odour control, ease of removal and safety

For infected wounds, initial use should be for a two week challenge

Continued use of silver dressings should include regular review

Use silver dressings in the context of a wound management protocol that includes wound bed preparation as appropriate for the wound type

Follow manufacturer's instructions regarding indications, contraindications, method of application, wound cleansing procedures, need for dressing moistening before application, and use in patients undergoing MRI or radiotherapy

Use silver dressings with caution in children and very large wounds

Reference: Appropriate Use of Silver Dressing in Wounds, Wounds International, Wounds Internatioal Enterprise House, 2012



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